Author: (Ontario) INC | Apr 13, 2022

Replacing or repairing your roof shingles can be an expensive process. Faced with this expense, more and more homeowners are deciding to handle these repairs themselves, hoping that this will save them money by avoiding a roofing contractor. However, it turns out that despite the number of tutorials you look up on Youtube, replacing your shingles is challenging work that requires trained professionals. As experts in the field, we at (Ontario) INC have written down why you shouldn’t DIY shingle replacement.

1. It is a safety hazard

One of the more obvious reasons why you should think twice before deciding to undergo a full shingle installation by yourself is that roofing is dangerous work. Working at heights can be dangerous. The process requires consistent climbs on ladders and long hours working several feet in the air. Professional roofers have been trained to operate power tools while balancing on top of several stories.

2. Do-overs can be expensive

Another reason why you should not attempt to replace your roof’s shingles yourself is that you may end up causing more damage. All of the components of the roof work together to shed water. You have to understand how they work together to make adjustments. When your shingles are damaged, you may also need to replace more than the shingles, perhaps even the flashing, felt, decking, and attic insulation. While you may believe you are saving money on replacing the roof yourself, if it’s not done right, it will cost you again to replace it and make it right.

Do things right - Hire a professional

Doing a straight go from gable to gable is easy to shingle, but it becomes more difficult to deal with the valleys and walls that you may come up against. You should be good with your hands and be able to work below your waistline as most of the work is below your feet. A professional knows all the tricks and procedures to install your shingles correctly. However, you should ensure you hire a professional with experience, integrity and good reviews. While you don’t need a license to do residential shingling, you require a contractor’s license to operate a roofing company in some municipalities (Hamiton). The cost to replace your shingles professionally can vary from company to company. The bigger the company, the bigger the overhead, the bigger the overhead, the higher the cost. Hiring too small of a company with no overhead makes it less likely for them to be there when you need them.

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