Author: (Ontario) INC | Jan 13, 2022

If you’re a new homeowner, or even if you have owned your home for a considerable amount of time, you may have several questions and doubts on your mind when it comes to roofing solutions. These may pertain to the health of your roof, costs of repair or installation, and the processes involved in maintenance. To clear your confusion and arm you with the information you need to make the right decisions, (Ontario) INC has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about roofing. These answers are based on our personal experience so that you have first-hand information to ensure your roof is always in tip-top shape.

1. How long do roofs generally last?

Several factors influence the lifespan of a roof. An asphalt roof can be expected to last about fifty years, similar to a metal roof. That said, things like climate, extreme weather, proper ventilation, and maintenance can affect the lifespan of your roof. If you live in an area that regularly receives heavy snowfall or high winds, your roof might take a bit more wear and tear than is standard. Alternatively, regularly inspected, maintained, and cleaned roofs can be expected to last a bit longer.

2. What will an entirely new roof cost?

Well, this is a tough one to answer because everyone’s home is different. The best way to get a solid estimate is to simply call in our professional roofers. We will offer a quote at no cost and with no obligation. However, you should know that every aspect of your home, like shape, size, and location, will affect the price of your new roof, as will the material you choose.

3. My roof is leaking. Does it need to be replaced completely?

One or two leaks are not a major disaster as long as you get them fixed pronto. You see, if you wait to get leaks repaired, water can seep under shingles and the roof deck to rot. When this happens, there’s typically no other solution than to get your roof replaced. So remember to call us as soon as possible when you notice any leaks. That way, you can avoid more extensive repairs.

4. What are the symptoms of a failing roof?

When determining the health of your roof, the first thing to note is age. An asphalt roof that’s older than twenty years is overdue for replacement. Other ways to spot a failing roof include heading to the attic on a sunny day to check for holes where light peeks through in the underside of your roof. Problem spots tend to be near the chimney and stack vents. Also, check for wet spots in the ceiling as water damage that has seeped all the way to the attic can be a severe problem. Another point to remember is that young roofs can develop problems too, which is why it’s good to have your roof inspected at least one time a year.

5. What is flashing?

Flashing is the material that’s used over joints in roof construction. It functions as an added layer of protection, keeping water from seeping into vulnerable areas like the valleys in your roof, the area around pipes and your chimney, and around any skylights. Most flashing is made out of aluminum or galvanized steel. It can come loose or deteriorate at a faster rate from time to time, allowing leaks to form in those vulnerable areas.

Luckily, flashing problems are an easy fix, so long as you catch them quickly. In most cases, you can just add new flashing or re-secure the old flashing back down with a roofing adhesive. This can be done as a DIY project, but if you’re unsure about working on the roof, it’s best to save yourself the stress and call a professional. Flashing fixes are quick and inexpensive.

6. Can you install a new roof in the winter?

While it is more challenging to install roofs in the winter, Southern Ontario Winters are not too harsh on most days, and there are many clear days to work, making it possible to install a roof even then. It may take more time as we have to take great care, store materials appropriately, and wait for clear days. But if a new roof is what you need, we have you covered.

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